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God cares

Under the theme “God cares,” the September issue shares stories of God providing the Israelities with manna in the desert, 4-year-old Ania fighting cancer with her paintings,
19th-century abolitionist Lucretia Mott and much more! 


Cover - God cares
By Michael D. Watson

Bread from heaven
Story by Annie Haverlah
Illustrations by Candice Hartsough McDonald

Ania the dainty
Story by Julie B. Sevig
Photos by Michael D. Watson

Little baby
Story and illustration by Craig Orback

By Evelyn Christensen

Lucretia was small and brave
Story by Laura Gifford
Illustration by David Opie

Sing & Sign: All Night, All Day

Illustrations by Sally Springer
Text: Traditional spiritual based on Psalm 91:11.
Tune: "All Night, All Day."

My violin
By Elizabeth Hunter

Activity: Play clay fun
By Evelyn Christensen

Can you find...

Jamison - dove winnerdove winnerFind the dove
Finley, age 3 (right)

Letter to adults
Text by Elizabeth Hunter

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