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June 12, 2008

You can go home again...

As my colleague Sonia explained yesterday, our staff has been hither and yon to synod assemblies.
Last week I had the good fortune to visit my old stomping grounds of South Dakota. I stayed with friends I haven’t seen in a decade. I drove past my old church and marveled at the fancy addition to the education wing. I even drove around the block and came back to take photos. Then I started taking photos of the old parsonage (why did it used to seem so BIG?) and my brother’s favorite pizza place so he could walk with me down memory lane.
It was great fun to visit with people who knew my dad. He served congregations in Brookings and Platte, and my cousin served a congregation in Aberdeen. I’m thankful for all those who sought me out to offer their own connections with my family.
Mostly, it was good to see the spirit at work in the two synods I visited: Northwest Washington and South Dakota.
I’m sure my colleagues would concur: thanks for your partnership in ministry, for reading “The Lutheran” and for your kind words of appreciation and support when we were in your synod, and for all the folks out there yet to convince their congregation to get the magazine or to subscribe individually. We need you!

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