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March 31, 2010

A no-brainer: use the lunch hour

©istockphoto.com/nodmitryFor the better part of the winter, I was in the habit of doing (at least) two things that aren't healthy: I was eating at my desk, and I wasn't exercising. At all.

With three kids at home and winter darkness, it was nearly impossible to exercise in the morning and evening. And to make up for lost morning time (again, related to carting kids around), I'd often work through the noon hour while munching on something at my desk. One of the downfalls of this, of course, is that I could literally spend my workday without social contact. I'm an introvert, but this was ridiculous.

And my health suffered — both physically and emotionally.

So my Spring resolve is to use the lunch hour for exercise. It's the most obvious, yet creative, use of time I can think of. Because a colleague at the Lutheran Center is offering Lunchtime Yoga two days a week, that's what I do two days a week. The other two (weather permitting), I take a brisk walk at the forest preserve just across the street from the Lutheran Center. Unless it's really warm (as it is today), there's almost always a chance of seeing deer-always a bonus.

Of course doing these two things over the noon hour doesn't leave much time for eating, but I think that makes it OK (and necessary, I'm afraid) to eat at my desk. And, on the fifth day of the work week, I try to line up a lunch date out of the building. Fridays are particularly good for this! Any takers?

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