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August 6, 2009

Please, give me some good news!

Do you get bogged down by tragedy? I really do. In fact, I rarely watch the evening news because if I do I have trouble sleeping.

I also prefer to get my news from the newspaper (and NPR). But those, too, can sometimes be too much. A page of Chicagoland news in yesterday’s Tribune made me shudder. Seven stories of tragedy, three toward children—an infant who had been abandoned, a 22-month-old who drowned after being left unattended in the bathtub, and a 2-year-old boy treated for a broken leg after a man living in the home had hit him in the face three times, and then threw him across the living room because he wouldn’t stop crying.

The horrors of what happens to the most vulnerable break my heart. And they must surely break God’s heart.

But today as I face this computer screen to write and edit, my heart also soars. In Waukesha, Wis., St. Luke Lutheran Church has adopted an elementary school less than a mile away. Members host a Homework Club and send Snack Packs home each weekend so those kids and their families have enough to eat on the weekends. In Columbus, Neb., Hope Lutheran Church hosts a “Store of Hope” where children and their families pay what they can afford for school supplies and clothes. In San Antonio, a shelter sponsored by Lutheran Social Services of the South received a grant to do their ministry—protect young girls. And in Appalachia, 1,100 Lutheran congregations are helping families and children, where the threat of mining polutants is making the cancer numbers skyrocket.

Read about all these ministries in the September issue of The Lutheran when it reaches you. Sure, it will be filled with Churchwide Assembly news and photos that will pull your attention. But read and rejoice in all of it. Surely, there will be stories that make your heart soar, and make you proud to be part of this church.

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