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July 31, 2009

How will you change the world?

I often say the last 10 minutes of worship is my toughest 10 minutes of the week. That’s when my two youngest, Oliver and Annika, come from the nursery to the community for communion and the final hymn. And juggling three kids (often in the front row and often by myself) is a challenge.

But lately that time has been tempered by the other 50 minutes with Peder, age 6. Last Sunday was particularly wonderful. He’s starting to read fairly well, so he follows the hymn lyrics and picks up the tune quite easily. He looks intently at his parents’ lips for help in singing along.

And this past Sunday he was writing intently on a sheet in the bulletin, asking in a whisper how to spell a few words. I glanced down and he had written: “We will change the world.”

I wondered what had prompted that, and tried to rethink what I’d heard in the sermon or hymns. Then he handed me the pew pencil and whispered, “Write how you are going to change the world.”

So although I heard a very good sermon last Sunday, my biggest faith challenge came from a 6-year-old. In case you’re wondering, I sort of passed the buck. I wrote, “Raise three children who will work for peace and justice in this world.”

Can’t wait to find out what he hears, and asks, this Sunday. But mostly, I can't wait to sing with him.

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