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February 12, 2009

Facebook for good

Facebook status updates allow me to know more about people than I should—what they’re drinking or thinking at the moment. I know other things too, especially if they post their “25 Random Things about me.” I’m also in touch with people I hadn’t thought of in years—this week it’s June, the mother of my first boyfriend. Think: early 1970s.

Facebook friends go down memory lane together, recruit one another for causes, make one another laugh and support one another. Today, I received this note from Chip, a Facebook friend I haven’t seen in years:

It’s been a long time since our paths have crossed. I feel joy, however, every time I read an article [by you] in the Lutheran. Each day, I pray for a few friends on my Facebook friends list. Today, I am praying for you... I pray that you will be able to balance ministry to family and to the church. I ask God’s love to be evident to your children and spouse through the things you do and say. I pray that each day you will have “something to do tomorrow.” I ask God to regularly give you a vision for a church that is vital, faithful and available to all people—and the words to help the rest of us see that same church—and for all of us to have the passion to use “our hands” to make it a reality...

Is Facebook just one more thing to waste our time? I suppose some days it is. But today, I feel pretty good about it. 

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