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January 30, 2009

A handwritten letter

Frequently, the handwritten letters "The Lutheran" receives have a tinge of nastiness to them. Just ask Sonia Solomonson, who edits the Letters to the Editor page.

But occasionally, the letters are enough to warm your heart on a cold winter day. I received one from Amelia A. Petersen, who wrote to tell us about the merger of St. John and St. Paul in Ringsted, Iowa. She doesn't mention the Happy and Sad Danes, but I happen to know about them since in October 2007 we featured her church in Happy and Sad Danes Unite.

Amelia wrote, "...now we are delighted to have great Pastor Lauri Boysen. One in Spirit; one in Christ; one God we Serve. I am Amelia Petersen, 94 yrs. old, an original member of St. Paul. I decided it was time to give you our news."

Coincidently, the March issue we just finished has a story "The downside of church attendance" which is by in large a glimpse of why people aren't attending worship. Until the last paragraph, which quotes Kathy Johnson, who fell away for awhile, but whose "awesome pastor" brought her back. Who else? Lauri Boysen at United Lutheran in Ringsted, Iowa. Something's right in Ringsted. 

And something's very right at "The Lutheran" when we recieve letters like this one in shakey handwriting.

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