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November 20, 2008

Laughing with Lutherans

Here at “The Lutheran” we’re still celebrating our 20-year anniversary. Enter: “Laughing with Lutherans ” a new little book offering readers the “best of” the “Light side” page from the magazine’s history.

I spent hours reading every “Light side” page from 1988 until the present—and retyping the good ones. And believe me, there were plenty of good ones. They, along with all new cartoons from some of our favorite cartoonists, appear in the book.

CoverAt least in one reader survey, the “Light side” page emerged as the most-read. I keep that in mind every month as I cull from my files what six or seven stories to share with you. I do the same when spending The Lutheran’s precious money on cartoon purchases. Time is precious, too, and I want to give you the best stories and illustrations to tickle your funny bone.

As I say in my introduction to the book, “in the church and into all corners of our secular world, there is plenty of fodder for disagreement. But on this one little page each month there is something that brings us together because we can see ourselves on this page. These true stories, often built on a human foible, make us smile—maybe even laugh.”

This ability to laugh at ourselves is a gift, isn’t it? Just one more thing for which to be thankful as we approach Thanksgiving. And, a great idea for a Christmas gift!

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