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November 6, 2008

Insomnia for Obama

I can’t remember praying specifically for the president before. Well, that’s not entirely true. Nearly every week I join others in praying for the president and leaders of all nations as part of the prayers during the liturgy.

But Monday night, I started praying for Barack Obama. In the midst of insomnia (and thinking about the 6 a.m. voting line) I wondered, “If I can’t sleep, how in the world can Barack Obama sleep tonight?” So I prayed for him, and have been ever since.

I pray for his safety, and for wisdom and compassion to guide him. I pray that while he assembles the best and brightest around him, they will share his passion for justice, equality and peace.

On the campaign trail, one reporter had asked Obama if the outcome of the election kept him up at night. And he had said, no, it was the daunting task ahead, once elected, that gave him his own dose of insomnia. Can’t help you there, Mr. President-elect, unless of course I’m on your press secretary short list. But I promise that I'll continue to pray for you and all elected officials—not just during the liturgy, but in the middle of the night. Join me in doing the same. You can read a prayer for Obama, additional petitions and even share your own at beliefnet.com.

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