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September 18, 2008

Pennies for peace

Long after the summer camp laundry has been done—replaced by school clothes—the camp memories remain. And the stories keep rolling in....

At Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp in northwest Montana, they’ve counted up the pennies since all the campers left. Elementary kids donated pennies to “Pennies for Peace,” which builds schools for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This program comes from the Central Asia Institute (by Greg Mortenson, author of “Three Cups of Tea ”). Children brought pennies with them to camp, others donated pennies from their snack money, filling up water cooler jugs to the brim.

Their total? $2,384.13—surpassing previous summers when quarters and dollar bills were collected. Once again, we’re reminded that a little child shall lead us. They showed us that small actions, single pennies, can add up and bring about good deeds of kindness and mercy.

And speaking of peace and children...How about getting together with a child in your life to celebrate the International World Day of Prayer for Peace on Sept. 21—or on any other day throughout the year? We need it!

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