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September 4, 2008

One in a billion!

It was six years ago this month that I wrote a fun article in "The Lutheran" called, “What’s in a name?
It was about most popular church names, trends in naming churches, etc.

A friend just sent me a Web site that tells you how many people have your name. It’s called

So I put in my name and found out, drum roll, that I’m one in a billion. Sort of like the song, but even better. There are 530,794 other Julies in the U.S. and 336 Sevigs. I’m a little surprised there are that many Sevigs, but....whatever.

Since the staff just finished the October issue and it's filled with Luther this and that, the only other trivia I offer today is that there are 17 Martin Luthers, nine Katie Luthers and three Luther Luthers (what parents thought THAT was a good idea?). And if your last name is Luther, you share it with 15,862 others.

Check it out, and find out how many share you name, too.

Hey, it’s a rainy day in Chicago. You gotta have some fun.

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