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October 27, 2006

Don't sit down

I just wrote a brief item for our Currents section of the December issue about the successful effort to get more than 23.5 million people to "Stand Up Against Poverty" in 24 hours (Oct. 15-16) and thus set a Guiness World Record. Some 1,500 members of the ELCA joined in the event, from standing in prayer during Sunday worship to organizing house parties where government officials were asked about their work. The goal of this effort is to remind the 189 world leaders who signed on to the United Nation’s Millennium Campaign of their promise “to end poverty” by 2015.

I hope lots of folks sat up and took notice of the worldwide event, including the people with the political power to make changes. But I hope–and trust—that lots of people who actually stood up don’t now sit down and wait for something to happen. There’s so much we can do to advance the cause and to help the hurting in the meantime—from voting to working at soup kitchens. We are particularly fortunate to be able to turn our money into water and seeds and livestock through the ELCA World Hunger Appeal. And as we think about gifts we’ll buy as Christmas draws near we have a catalog of our own, ELCA Good Gifts, which includes many choices that go right to the root of hunger. You could even buy your kids a goat...and provide milk and income for more youngsters half a world away.

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