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June 23, 2006

Remember when?

Graduations are just about over this year. Here at The Lutheran, we’re celebrating with Nicole Adamson, our intern last summer who’s back this year—with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree she received a week ago from Northwestern University in Evanston. That’s my alma mater, too.

When I think of my Northwestern days, I can’t not think of my campus ministry experience. The day they moved me into my freshman dorm my folks brought me to the white Victorian house at 2204 Orrington Avenue,  which served as headquarters for Lutheran campus ministry. The Rev. Clyde R. McCormack was waiting for us with coffee, which I didn’t yet drink, and enough challenging ideas to last four years—and then some, like 40 more. I’m sitting here writing this blog, in fact, because of him. He’s the one, back in 1974, who told me to “write a story for The Lutheran” about a young pastor and former NFL football player named Gene Powell who was beginning campus ministry at Chicago’s city colleges.

Now we at the magazine are joining with the rest of the ELCA in anticipating the 2007 centennial of Lutheran campus ministry, with coverage in our November issue that will survey higher education. One of the features will be brief reflections of campus ministry alums: What difference did it make in your life, your career, your faith—that there was Lutheran ministry on your campus? If you’re lucky to have campus ministry as part of your college experience and want to tell others about it, click on the comment box right now or send me an e-mail: kathleen.kastilahn@thelutheran.org.

And to all you 2006 grads, "Congrats!"

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