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April 7, 2006

Clicks & connections

Waiting in my e-mail today was a forwarded note from Mary Ann Brussat who, with her husband Frederic, write the magazine’s Spiritual Practices column each month. It was a request from Linda Gillis, a staff member at the ELCA Grand Canyon Synod to reproduce a portion of the Brussats’ April column, “Good flesh: See you body as God does—with love,” for a presentation she will make at a women’s retreat for King of Glory Lutheran Church in Tempe, Ariz., later this month. “My theme is ‘Stop, adjust, move forward—your faith journey,’ ” wrote Gillis. “Part [of it] is to look at your body and what you can do to prepare yourself to move forward. The words [in the column] are so fitting.”

Mary Ann, of course, gladly gave permission and also referred Linda to Spirituality and Practice, their new website, with the promise “we have lots and lots of material on your theme.”

And so women gathered at an dessert retreat center in Arizona will be pondering material written and selected by the Brussats in their New York City loft—connected through The Lutheran. It doesn’t get any better than that, for an editor at a magazine with the purpose to create a virtual congregation among people of the ELCA.

The Brussats, who have been a part of our editorial family for nine years, put up their new site just two weeks ago, on the fist day of spring. While they offer recommendation for us in their Best This Month column, I’ll sit in their seat for a moment to suggest their beautiful new home for all who seek to make spiritual practices part of living their Christian lives, of walking in Jesus’ way. Visit now, during April, which is National Poetry Month, and you’ll find a new poem each day that offers spiritual enrichment. 

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