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June 1, 2010

You go, girl!


Amber, my neighbor to the south in our quad-pod of cubicles is making great strides with her health and wellness goal. It's encouraging to see how the steps each of us take impact others.

For instance, there used to be a regular procession of fattening treats or leftovers displayed on the top of the low bookcases that run along one side of the cubicles. Not anymore. Water bottles can be seen on some desks. Two days a week, churchwide employees carry yoga mats for Lunchtime Yoga at the Lutheran Center. When folks are talking, frequently it's about trips to the gym, hiking, Wii-exercising, fishing, the lake, etc.

Still, many days I find physical health so much easier to care for than the spiritual side of things. Today is no exception: The magazine's on deadline. The week's child care arrangements for our oldest fell apart and had to be reconstructed anew. Over the weekend our youngest had another trip to the doc and needed to be camped out near a washroom, so I missed my hubby's sermon and some badly-needed spiritual re-fueling. An upstairs sink is mysteriously clogged and the garbage disposal is broken.

Sigh. It's just the list of everyday things that make you skip a workout, cut out time for prayer and devotion, eat a plate full of cookies, etc. So I'm feeling pretty good that despite the list and the deficits, I've lost another two pounds and found some good devotionals in my reading here, for the magazine — grace that I didn't expect.

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