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March 22, 2010

Happy spring!


As the days grow longer and warmer, the staff of The Lutheran are back to blogging, under the theme of "Spring into life." For the next three months, we'll blog about health of the body and the spirit.

The ELCA Board of Pensions has long been encouraging us to "live well." The board's Web site lists 10 good reasons:

1. To be a more effective leader for the sake of the world
2. To model healthy behaviors for our children
3. To have a healthier relationship with God
4. To endure hardship with resilience and grace
5. To feel better in mind and body
6. To avoid lifestyle-related illness
7. To better steward gifts given by God
8. To age with strength and dignity
9. To lead my congregation toward wellness
10. To help decrease overall health care costs and increase mission dollars

Perhaps we can all encourage each other on the journey to better health. After all, research now shows that living well (everything from kindness to self-control) is contagious and can spread through social networks.

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