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April 1, 2010

Celebrating 35


Nope, that 35 is not a birthday, but weight I've lost since February 2009. My effort to "spring into life" really bloomed after I began having some difficulty with one of my knees. Taking some weight off was bound to make a difference. 

There's no way I could've done it without God. My husband and I have together put on a small person since the wedding. We both felt the need to improve our health, so we could better serve. We knew what to do, but it was hard committing to it. Then the Holy Spirit blew:

* our congregation had made health and wellness a focus, and members began cooperating to offer healthy snacks (instead of cake/cookies/doughnuts, etc.) after worship.

* My husband's sister prayed for us, shared her own weight loss success, and lent us a video about healthy eating that shared concerns about various aspects of the typical American diet.

* We made regular time for prayer and Scripture.

* We did more walking, from one to three miles.  

* My doctor cheerfully aspirated water off my knee a few times. When the needle hits bone, you can't rely on Lamaze breathing. I guess doctors can't numb bones. For me, having a baby without any pain medication was preferable. My fear of this happening yet again, was probably the most motivating factor. 

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