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September 24, 2006

A different time and place

My wife and I took our son back to Eastern Illinois University for his second year of college. We had tacked on an extra day to our weekend so we could explore the area a little more. There is a decent sized Amish community down there and my wife likes to explore their furniture shops. Since it was Sunday, all of the shops were closed so we decided to check out a place known for its flower and rock gardens.

Stuck in the middle of corn fields was an old residence that had grown extra buildings over the years that were now various shops and a restaurant. They happened to be having a Blue Grass music festival this particular weekend so my wife and I decided to partake in the happenings.

Now, living in the Chicago area, there is always a constant form of noise and activity going on. As we sat listening to the Blue Grass being played the only other noise being made was from the "clip, clop" of the Amish buggies going down the road as they returned from their Sunday church service. It felt like we were in another place and time and it felt good.

I think this photo reflects that feeling of "another place and time" with the old single pane glass window, the old lace curtain and the old Amish buggy in the background.

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