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January 5, 2009

"It has to feel real, authentic"

I'm always thankful when mothers wonder aloud about this faith stuff -- especially when it's in relation to the ideas and concepts they're passing on to their children. It's a conversation that, for the most part, doesn't come up in the polite company of parents at the playground.

An essay today by Susan Gregory Thomas, an investigative journalist, broadcaster and mother of two, struck a chord with me. She writes: "According to my own unscientific survey, most of us do want to offer our kids spiritual under-girding. But that survey also says that the spirituality confused and/or dissatisfied generally fall into one of three camps. The first are those who grew up with religion, but don't feel particularly connected to the associated traditions and values. The second camp is conflicted about its religion of origin; the third never had one to begin with, and is lost. The bottom line seems to be that we want it, but it has to feel real, authentic. But how do you do that? What does that even mean?"

Read more of Thomas' thoughts here.

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