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June 17, 2009

The lost and least

I just attended my final ELCA synod assembly for this season. Another really good one. This was in the Grand Canyon Synod , and it met in Phoenix. What wonderful stories I heard once again of ministries. Since the theme was "Reaching the Lost, the Least, the Last and the Little" I heard many stories of ministries to those on the margins. As always happens, I return to my office recharged and filled with excitement about all the ministries occurring across this church. If you ever get down on the ELCA, just get out into the congregations and synods and listen to stories. God's story is intersecting with the stories and lives of so many across this church.

Hearing all these rich stories is one of the reasons I love being a journalist! How blessed am I to hear them. And I hope you are blessed each month as we retell many of these in The Lutheran too.

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