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June 4, 2009

Grace happens

Yesterday was my blog day but I didn't get it done. It was also deadline day for our July issue of The Lutheran. And the day just got away from me.

This will be short and sweet. But I can't let this chance go by without saying what an amazing time I had at the La Crosse Synod Assembly last weekend. The theme was "Grace Happens Here." And it did. But then doesn't grace happen everywhere? And we just miss so much by not paying attention to so much of our lives. The music, thanks to David Cherwien, was just what was needed at each particular time. So uplifting. So grounding. Bishop Jim Arends' leadership was superb and respectful during sometimes difficult conversations. I heard many stories and saw many displays about wonderful ministries within that synod. A fair. Prayer around the cross. Oh, so  many opportunities to be filled up. So I came home energized and filled. May all our synod assemblies do that for us!

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