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February 5, 2009

Make 'em count

Yesterday I began reading another wonderful Joan Chittister book, this one called The Gift of Years: Growing Old Gracefully . She addresses many topics in the book and I've only just begun. But I'm already drawn into it and am reading a chapter at a time and then journaling with each chapter. Each chapter addresses a different topic. I think it'll be a fascinating journey.

I was struck at her first chapter on regret when she said that harboring regrets over what's happened or hasn't happened in the past not only robs us of the past (with all its attendant gifts and blessings) but of the present as well. We're too busy folding in on ourselves in regret for past sins or experiences and not living fully in the present day.

What a good reminder. Each day is a gift. Make each day count.

 In these days of a failing economy and bad news all around, it's easy to sink into negativity or regret. But even in these days, there are graces and blessings all around. Let's open our arms wide to embrace all of them. Let's open our hands, let go of the regrets and hurts—and be ready to receive all that God gifts us with each day.

One of the gifts I enjoy is that of the words of other writers. Thank you, Joan, for the reminder.

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