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January 14, 2009


I admit it. I'm doing my share of complaining about this winter. My word for it is: relentless. We no sooner get past one snow storm than another is on its way. They seem to be circling overhead just like the planes over O'Hare Airport.

Now I don't have the longest commute at the Lutheran Center. But it's not short either. On good days it's 45 minutes one way. Well, on a rare occasion it can be about 30 minutes. But that's not typical. Lots of days it can be an hour. And when you add snow and ice to the mix—and throw in a crazy driver or three. Well, now we really have fun. And we can be looking at two hours instead.

It has just been exhausting to deal with this through the entire month of December and now through January as well.

But today when I decided to work in my home office and get my stories done for The Lutheran rather than fight snow and traffic, I wondered about my complaining. I can't compare what I'm feeling at all to those who are homeless and those who suffer the effects of poverty. But when I think of what that must be like, the words "relentless" and "exhausting" do come to mind. Oh, how easy it is to complain. I don't promise I never will do so again—but right now, I'm thinking instead about how grateful I am that I have a warm home, that I have a car in which to drive, that I have a job at all. Dear God, help me to live with a thankful heart.

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