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August 27, 2008

Experiences of depression

Woops. I haven't blogged the last several Wednesdays. I thought I had missed only a couple weeks. But a check of our blog archives shows me that July 23rd was my last post. I blogged that day about depression, having just heard from a friend who's been deep in depression for the last couple years but who is taking amazing steps into a life of hope again.

The blog wasn't anything special—just my attempt to raise awareness for all issues surrounding depression because they affect so many people. But what surprised me were the responses to the blog: people sharing their experiences openly.

It's that way with so much in our faith journey and life in general, isn't it? Once we bring something out in the open, we allow—no, we invite—people to be vulnerable and share their experiences. Then we are able to explore together what might be helpful. What can we as a church do that will be helpful to those who walk through depression? What can we as individuals do? 

So much more is possible when we do it together. And it surely is possible when we let God be part of our journey, in the good times and the bad.  

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