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March 4, 2008

Proud to be Lutheran?

An ELCA member in Wisconsin disagreed with a writer who claims to be bored: “It may have been a while since you have been in a Lutheran church or you have been in a church that hasn’t changed much. There may be some yet. Before you assume all Lutheran churches are boring you, you had better check out a few more churches.”

The man believes his church has much to offer young people: “I think we are anything but boring. We are a friendly church that cares about people. We are always doing something. (As much as a small church can do). We have different musical talent come in and our choir has upbeat music also. It is either a crop walk or a relay for life or LWR projects. We have Wednesday night suppers for anyone once a month. Young people help with our service a lot besides the adults.”

He believes “change can be good” but it “also can lead you away from your important principles and values in life. ... There is nothing wrong with smiling and having fun in church. Go for it. But please don’t forget about the important values. Don’t forget about worshiping God.”

Interesting, especially in light of a Pew Forum survey. Of 25,556 adult Americans surveyed, 44 percent have changed religious affiliations or claim no formal religion at all. People are seeking something different and don’t feel denominational loyalty. This ELCA member seems proud to be a Lutheran. Could sharing our stories—our reason for being Lutheran—make a difference for those seeking something different?

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