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December 4, 2007

Generic vs. religious cards

This week, Sarah Mitchell discusses selecting Christmas cards on The Lutheran’s discussion forum. In her article in the December issue, she asked whether the trend in cards is toward standard Seasons Greetings or Merry Christmas. I urge you to join the discussion.

Like Mitchell, I’ve been frustrated in my search for Christmas cards with a message. Eventually I turned to creating Christmas stationary with a religious graphic, Bible verse and message. (And, yes, that could lead to another discussion about “Christmas letters.”)

“The Answer Angel” column in the Chicago Tribune raises another question. A reader wanted to know if she should send someone who is Jewish a Christmas card (which was very religious in style). The Answer Angel asked the Tribune’s religion reporter to respond: “It would be more respectful to refrain from sending Christian-themed cards to Jewish friends for the holidays. As someone with many close Jewish friends, I know they appreciate it. I would suggest stepping into your closest Wal-Mart, CVS, Hallmark or card store and purchasing a small box of classy, generic holiday cards. ... You can keep the box handy for other Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or other non-Christian friends. You might have more than you think.”

Yet another twist in the religious-themed vs. generic holiday cards. What do you think?

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