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March 25, 2010

Heeding the signs

©istockphoto.com/nodmitry My body fat had a party after I stopped playing volleyball almost two years ago. In January, I began in earnest to send the partiers home. Some people look at me and say, “Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.” My reply: “Thanks, but I see myself naked.”

I believe God sends us all signs that we need to start paying attention to our health. At my yearly physical my doctor told me that I “may want to do some aerobics in addition to yoga.” Your parents pull out their overflowing “weekly pill reminder” box (could that be me one day?). The Board of Pensions’ wellness test notes that your BMI is too high—as does the Wii (please stop saying “Uh-oh” when I step on the board). The tin lid won’t come off the can of Pirouette cookies (is someone telling me I don’t need this crème-filled, sugary deliciousness?). Or you have to lay on the bed to zip up your jeans.

But it’s up to us to pay attention to the signs. And it’s easy to ignore them, especially if exercising isn’t your thing. When I want to sleep in instead of exercising, I use this motivation: I pat my wiggly belly or stand in front of the mirror for a second. Yep, I see myself naked. Time to work out.

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