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April 28, 2009

To give ...

or not to give electronically. An article in the Reading [Pa.] Eagle noted: “A sampling of Berks County churches and synagogues found only a handful that employ electronic giving, in which congregants can elect to have offerings deducted automatically from checking or savings accounts or charged to credit cards.”

But participation in electronic giving is low. For example, Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, has used Thrivent Financial for Lutheran’s “Simply Giving” program for about five years. Six members signed up. Sue Rigby-Moore, Trinity’s financial administrative assistant, said: “I think of lot of our older members just feel more comfortable when they see their money go into the plate.”

I’ve also heard from some who like the symbolic gesture of placing their gift in the offering plate during worship.

The article mentioned the pros: it assures more stable and predictable offering, church staff don't have to collect and count money or make bank deposits, and members don’t have to worry about writing checks and keeping track of envelopes.

Any other positives/negatives to electronic giving?

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