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April 7, 2009

Hope in a jar?

It’s the opening of the baseball season, and along with that comes hope of a World Series—especially among Chicago Cubs fans who always think “this is the year.” Of course, some are just hoping spring will come so baseball can be played this year. But beyond the baseball season, the economy also seems to have elevated hope’s profile.

A Chicago Tribune article noted a cosmetic company that sells “hope in a jar” moisturizer, “hope in a jar with SPF,” “when hope is not enough” body scrub, and its new “eye hope” eye cream. Rohit Deshpande, a marketing professor at Harvard Business School, said hope has long been used to market goods. He predicts the cosmetics line will enjoy strong sales, saying, “These are hard times, and we need hope more than ever.”

The article concludes: Seems that people will pay for “hope in a jar,” even though real hope is free.

This week Christians will hear “Christ has died. Christ is risen. Alleluia.” Too bad more people haven’t gotten the message that real hope is free.

What brings you hope in these tough economic times?

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