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March 17, 2009

To rant or not to rant

Mary Schmich, a favorite Chicago Tribune columnist, wrote: “Shut up and stop ranting. Please?”

She continues: “Rants about love. Rants about work. Rants against the parents. With surprising frequency, I hear these cell-phone screeds from strangers while walking innocently through a parking lot, pushing a cart through the grocery store or sitting in a coffeehouse, which is where I was the other day when I overheard another common type of bilious bellowing, the customer rant.”

After describing the rant, she asked: “Weren’t people once more embarrassed to rant in public? ... Apparently not. Ranting is now like extreme wrestling: the badder the better, and bring on the audience.”

She raised another interesting question: Are people just angrier than before or simply more technologically able to rant with an audience? And I would add “just angrier or more able to rant through e-mails, texting, Facebook, etc.”

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