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February 3, 2009

Help is a click away

In a 2007 blog,
I mentioned that I used to be a clicker on a lot of sites to support a cause (hunger, breast cancer, child health, literacy, rainforest, animal rescue). But I fell away from clicking—until I learned about freerice.com. That site’s advertisers donate 10 grains of rice to the U.N. World Food Program for every vocabulary word you get right. But now I’ve gotten away from clicking on freerice.com.

With all the talk of economic downturns, recession, foreclosures, job losses, etc., it’s time to go back. And for those who don’t like vocabulary, the site has added subjects. On the homepage, just click on “change subjects.” There you’ll find art, language (see you if you remember words from your high school French, Spanish, German or Italian classes), chemistry, math and geography. Grammar has been added to the English category.

Isn’t it time to go back? The need is greater now and help is just a click away.

Don’t forget the ELCA World Hunger Appeal too.

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