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November 25, 2008

A must-have job?

This from Kiplinger : “A recent CNN poll finds that nearly 60 percent of Americans believe we’re likely facing a depression. Although most Americans would, of course, suffer in an economic depression, some careers should remain strong, maybe even bolstered by tough times.”

The top five "hot jobs in hard times" were accounting, education, the entertainment industry, utility companies and repairers (home, car, commercial and industrial).

And what might be good news for the church, No. 11 was “clergy.” Why? In tough times, people seek spiritual support. This news could help with a clergy shortage. How many might answer the call to an economy-safe job? But if times were good, would clergy make the list of the top 13 must-have jobs? When times are good, do people seek out clergy—or God—for spiritual support?

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