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November 27, 2006

Advent in April?

Yesterday, I went to the park with my husband, David, and our children, Sam and Emily. The kids had a blast running, swinging and sliding. We saw other parents out with their kids, too. With temperatures hovering in the 60s it felt like a balmy spring day – something unusual for late November in the Chicago area.

Prior to our outing, we donned our house with lights, and decorated our tree, which we cut down ourselves at a nearby Christmas tree farm. I felt like we were in a scene reminiscent of Currier and Ives, minus the snow, parkas and boots.

The juxtaposition of these two scenes reminded me of the anticipation we will have this Advent season: our yearning for the Christ child – just as we long for the freshness of spring during those dreary, cold winter months.

Ironically, those gray days will soon be upon us here in the Midwest (our unusually warm weather snap will come to an end this week, forecasters say). I’ll try my best to remember this day – and the true meaning of the season – amid the busy-ness I think we all share this time of year.

Until then, you can find me sipping ice cold lemonade on my patio, savoring what is likely to be one of our last really nice days in a long time. I already am longing for the arrival of spring.

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