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April 23, 2008

The Lutheran takes home awards from Associated Church Press ceremony

The Lutheran won two awards of excellence from the Associated Church Press in a ceremony April 22 in Westlake, Texas.

The magazine won an award of excellence for convention or meeting coverage judged by Jason L. Young, an adviser to publications at Saint Louis University.

Young said the series of articles published in the September 2007 issue "found the nearly perfect — sadly, perfect does not exist — equilibrium between solid design and interesting writing."

The magazine also won an award of excellence for "The Annunciation — reconsidered" by Debra K. Farrington, March 2007. Judge Terence E. Fretheim said the article "grasps very well a key dimension of this text often overlooked, and presents a clear, carefully portrayed, thoughtful reflection that rings true to life." Fretheim is a professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary.

The Lutheran also won:

• Awards of merit for "Jesus and the Kingdom of God" by Marcus J. Borg, June 2007; "Turning to Ecclesiastes" by Ray Waddle and illustrated by John August Swanson, September 2007; and "Take your faith with you" by D. Michael Bennethum, edited by Julie B. Sevig and designed by Michael D. Watson, July 2007.

• Honorable mention recognition for "More than a martyr" by Larry Rassmussen, February 2007; "It's all about grace" by Kathryn A. Kleinhans, November 2007; "The gift of Shabbat" by Vitor Westhelle, April 2007; "Emmanuel fleeing " by Richard W. Swanson, December 2007; and an illustration by Michael D. Watson accompanying "Bones for a new day," April 2007.

Lutheran Woman Today, Café—Stirring the Spirit Within and the ELCA News Service also took home awards from the ceremony.

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