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April 7, 2008

Children's favorites

I have just returned from the Luther Seminary Children's Summit, which gathered more than 300 pastors, Christian education directors and other lay leaders to discuss welcoming children in our congregations.

A recurring question I heard from participants at the event was: "What resources are there to introduce young children to the faith?" Especially lacking are resources for children age three and younger.

The staff of The Lutheran is trying hard to provide one useful resource: The Little Lutheran.

The Youth and Family Institute (whose amazing emissary Marilyn Sharpe, who has an infectious enthusiasm for ministry among children and youth, was also at the summit) always has some great resources in their catalog and online bookstore.

But we have some other favorites among the staff. My colleague Liz's son, Evan, adores Psalms for Young Children (Eerdmans, 2008).

Another perpetual staff favorite is The Purple Puzzle Tree. (A February 2002 article about the series is a favorite on our site, with those using our article commenting feature to trade tips about where to buy the hard-to-locate series.).

So what are your favorite faith resources for children? Leave your comments below!

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