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February 4, 2008

Keeping it green

Is your congregation a "green" congregation?

Does it offer its newsletter by email?

Has it replaced its incandescent bulbs with compact flourescents?

Maybe your congregation or synod has been featured by The Lutheran for its environmental efforts.

Maybe your congregation doesn't subscribe to The Lutheran for environmental reasons.

That's what we heard at some synod assemblies last year.

You asked: "Why don't you offer a 'green' subscription for congregations concerned about the environment?"

We heard you. We now offer a subscription plan for "green" congregations.

Members of "green" congregations who participate receive full access to The Lutheran's Web site, unlimited study guide downloads and a .pdf of each issue (only available to "green" subscribers). We'll even provide a "getting started" guide to help your members through the activation process. Plus, your congregation will receive an email from me to let them know when each month's issue is available.

Pricing is based on the number of anticipated users, rather than members, in each congregation.

We've already had one congregation sign up.

We've talked to representatives from two other congregations about the plan.

If your congregation is interested, read more here.

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