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March 3, 2009

Why do you subscribe?

Our staff has been doing some strategic thinking about The Lutheran lately.

We're trying to determine what works — and what doesn't — about the magazine.

I subscribe to a couple magazines at home. Cuisine at Home, because it's packed with recipes and great cooking tips. Newsweek for its news and political coverage. Before & After for practical design tips. And Time Out Chicago because I get it free through my Chicago Public Radio membership. The AAA magazine because it comes with my membership. Mizzou from my alma mater. And National Parks, whose member organization I joined just to receive the gorgeous, informative magazine.

I just gave you one sentence describing why I subscribe to each of the above magazines. So here's my question to you:

Tell us, in one sentence, why you subscribe to The Lutheran.

I'm looking for honest, one-sentence answers.

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