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February 4, 2009

I heard it on Twitter

Did you know that today is Dietrich Bonhoeffer's birthday?

I didn't, until I learned it from Jean Wise. On Twitter.

For the past eight months, The Lutheran has been using social networking tools to connect with our fans and friends in cyberspace. We ventured into Facebook and MySpace. (We're still not sure about the usefulness of MySpace.)

And now we're on Twitter. We use it to send updates about The Lutheran, The Little Lutheran and The Little Christian. We use it to ask for feedback from you, our readers. (Most recently, we asked how you're communicating hope in these hard economic times.) And we follow you, our readers, too.

As a result, we sometimes get a tip on a story or photo we never would have known about otherwise.

For example, Justin Wise's e-newsletter "Lousy Christian tippers" has become one of the most popular stories on our site. Ever. (It's had 3271 readers since going live a few weeks ago.) It started as a blog posting on his site, which I found through one of Justin's "tweets."

And Corey Vilhauer's photo of children in a nativity scene at First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, S.D. will appear in the December 2009 issues of The Little Lutheran and The Little Christian.

As the person "behind" these online identities for The Lutheran, The Little Lutheran and The Little Christian, it's a delight to have the opportunity to participate in this church without walls.

Oh! One more addition! As of this morning, Diana Dworin, our "Pass the Faith" writer and parenting blogger, is now also on Twitter.

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