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October 10, 2008

New on the Web

For those of you who've been following The Little Lutheran ... be sure to check out its new Web site. It's relaunched with new content: polls, answers to questions children ask about God and faith, customizable, printable gift cards, back issues of the e-newsletter and reviews of books and DVDs.

Remember ... The Little Lutheran makes a great Christmas gift. Unlike most toys or games, it nurtures a child's faith throughout the year — through Bible stories, Christian biographies, activities, rituals and prayers. 

For those of you with grandchildren, godchildren, nieces, nephews or children of friends who aren't Lutheran, we'll soon be offering the same magazine under the title The Little Christian. You can subscribe today. Children will receive the first issue near the end of December. The Little Christian also has its own Web site with the same features as The Little Lutheran.

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