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September 11, 2008

Favorite synod Web sites

Whenever we mention a congregation, synod, church, company or other institution that has a Web site, we try to link to it, so readers can get more information. I'm the person who finds all those links, and in the process, I get to see a lot of synod Web sites. Here are my top three.

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod: I love two things about this site: Its simple, cohesive design (suitable for those with both slow and fast connections) around a vine-and-branches motif and its easy-to-remember web address: www.godslove.com.

North Carolina Synod: I'm usually not a fan of graphics-heavy design, but the North Carolina Synod's site uses graphics that hold together even when the user increases or decreases font-size manually. The design incorporates a dove (symbol of the Holy Spirit) as its dominant element, making it both a visually appealing and theological relevant design.

North/West Lower Michigan Synod: I love this site's web address: www.mittensynod.org. It's easy-to-remember, especially for those of us Wisconsinites and Michiganders who can use our hands for cartography.

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