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May 14, 2010

My exercise burnout


Like many people, one of the problems I've had with exercising regularly is boredom with the same routine week after week. It often led to burnout and I would eventually stop exercising for months at a time.

Last year I began to experience this again. I had been going to a local women's health club for several years. The routine was very set and programmed and while I enjoyed the convenience and camaraderie, I knew I had to move on and diversify my routine.

I began going to a larger health club where there are many more activities. I alternated between a cardio workout certain days and weight machines on others. Occasionally I do both. There are also group classes available if I wish to attend. Alternating days and activities has been working well.

In February, Mary Frances, a colleague at the ELCA who is also a yoga instructor, started lunchtime classes twice a week and brought yoga into my life. I've gone to every class including a special two-hour workshop and have enjoyed learning something new and different. Several of my colleagues at The Lutheran and I had never practiced yoga before and now we really look forward to it. It also gives us the chance to build community with colleagues from other floors in the building.

When spring finally arrived this year, I got a passion to go bike riding down the paths in the forest preserve across the street from where I live. A month ago I bought a bicycle, my first in many years, and will try to ride as often as the weather permits.

Now between varied activities at the gym, yoga class at work, walking and bicycling I am exercising almost every day, am never bored and am enjoying it.

Oh — and did I mention that in June I will begin going to Zumba classes on Saturday mornings? I can hardly wait!

Let's hear your ideas about ways to avoid exercise burnout.

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