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March 30, 2006

Advisory committee at work

Earlier this week, the advisory committee of The Lutheran met over two days with the staff, discussing everything from circulation and advertising to editorial content and ancillary products.

The advisors come from across the nation to lend assistance, insight and an attentive "ear" on a twice-yearly basis. The program features presentations by the staff about the current state of affairs at The Lutheran. In return, the committee offers constructive criticism.

This time, the staff was challenged to produce a  magazine that is focused on the life of the church, in particular what is going on in the some 10,500 congregations that make up the ELCA.  The advisors also encouraged the staff to begin work with the Office of Communication to define the "message" of the denomination. Since the magazine is regarded as the primary periodical of the ELCA, what does that mean in story and features selection, and support of the magazine from all levels of the church.

While the staff certainly "hears" from readers through letters to the editor, e-mails and phone calls, the advisory committee gives formal voice to the needs and wishes of the church. Let us all salute the work of the committee members, who are volunteers:

Karen Bockelman, chair; Grieg L. Anderson, Ben T. McDonald Coltvet, Carol A. McDivitt, Lee M. Miller, Dave Mowitz, Joy M. Newcom, Marguerite M.  Rourk, John R. Spangler, Nancy J. Stelling and Susan L. Williams. Assisting them and the staff are Lowell G. Almen and Rolf P. Wangberg.

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