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September 7, 2007

Peace-full day

I’m a part of the task force in The Lutheran Center that works on ways to make The Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence 2001-2010 come about, day-by-day—from the ELCA  out to the world. Today we gathered, people who work in the building and those who are deployed, to look at what we’ve accomplished and what we need to focus on as we look to the last years of our work.

Coming soon—Friday, Sept. 21—is our participation in the U.N. International Day of Peace Vigil, which we’ll observe with a prayer service at noon. Check the resources to see how your congregations can join in and also carry on a variety of activities that promote peace at ELCA Advocacy Peace.

Acie Byrd of The Pacificia Foundation spoke to us about our responsibility to engage peace as a justice issue—realizing that there can be no peace without justice and that the call today is for people who want to bring about peace to be willing to take risks. “The call today is a call to struggle,” he said. “Peace is not about pleasantry. We must take pride in working for social change.” Founded in 1949, the Pacifica Foundation has as it’s mission “to promote peace and justice through communication between all races, nationalities and cultures.” The web site offers information and links to an array of peace groups, from international to local.

Pacificia also maintains a network of listener-sponsored, community radio, with programs nos available through the Internet for people in areas, like Chicago where there is no station. I plan to listen in.

A peace-full day could, and should, be something that happens not just one Friday...but every day.


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