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Cover story

Go, sow! Sow! Go! Cover story

Go, sow! Sow! Go!

Eaton installed as presiding bishop in joyful, emotional service


Better together Features

Better together

Lutheran senior facilities connect the oldest, youngest

Hope at work Features

Hope at work

Congregation-based organizing offers a different way of ‘doing church’

Memory Café Features

Memory Café

N.C. congregation gathers those with dementia, caregivers for meal & music

Millions at risk from drought Features

Millions at risk from drought

ELCA works with Lutheran partners in Angola, Namibia

Mobile ministry Features

Mobile ministry

Sharing word, sacrament and food justice with migrant workers

More than shelter Features

More than shelter

In the Carolinas, Lutherans help female veterans find hope

Next steps: Gather resources Features

Next steps: Gather resources

Recovering from Sandy Features

Recovering from Sandy

Churches, members surprised by depth of damage, grace

Remembering Birmingham Features

Remembering Birmingham

Lutheran pastor was leader in civil rights movement

Two months out

Diversity drives King Day in New Jersey Two months out

Diversity drives King Day in New Jersey

Good one!

Free books for kids Good one!

Free books for kids

Deeper understandings

Prayer Deeper understandings


Professors question each other about this fundamental act


Octogenarian relishes fun found in new ink Faces

Octogenarian relishes fun found in new ink


Challenging conversations:

Closing in on death



A return engagement

Faster pastors

Gathered in the grass

Hands of service

Hijabs now OK

Hispanics religious profile changing

Lutheran relief for Syria

Muslims welcomed

Pastor reclaims word

Rally in the Valley returns

Reason to cheer

Synod elects Froiland

Wedding benefits youth

Best this month: Charity: The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition

Best this month: How Roland Rolls

Best this month: Unfinished song

Higher education: At the intersection of faith and society

Higher education: Helping students find jobs
With a sense of vocation, ELCA schools go beyond basic career services

Higher education: Higher education news

Higher education: Luther’s enduring legacy
ELCA colleges, universities help the church cultivate a sense of vocation

Higher education: Making seminary debt manageable
ELCA Stewards of Abundance tries targeted scholarships

Higher education: Where sustainability is as sweet as honey

Letters: A church affiliation story worth telling
Tolerance, charity, assembly action stories, Marty column move readers

E-newsletter: Business as usual is off the table

E-newsletter: Give us this day our daily bread

E-newsletter: Let's celebrate 'Always being made new'

E-newsletter: Love in driving lessons

E-newsletter: What is prayer?

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Embracing diversity