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Cover story

Beyond tolerance Cover story

Beyond tolerance

Living together in a diverse world

Special report

Eaton installed as ELCA presiding bishop Special report

Eaton installed as ELCA presiding bishop


A new future Features

A new future

Lutherans resettle young refugees who are on their own

All of us behind one Features

All of us behind one

Iowa and Ohio model a unique way to support missionary families

Blessings in the Hamptons Features

Blessings in the Hamptons

Congregation revitalized by offering hope, housing to low-income seniors

Breaking down walls in Bosnia Features

Breaking down walls in Bosnia

One child at a time

Gone fishin’ Features

Gone fishin’

Pastor lives the dream as he fishes for people and bass

Lutheran trump cards Features

Lutheran trump cards

You’re holding all of them

Peace in Joplin, Mo. Features

Peace in Joplin, Mo.

Two years after a tornado, church has new home

Safe in the circle Features

Safe in the circle

Simba & Simsa save lives of at-risk youth

Good one!

Good one!

A television welcome

Two months out

An artful calendar Two months out

An artful calendar

Deeper understandings

Education Deeper understandings


Why Lutherans care so much about it


His pumpkin patch serves a higher calling Faces

His pumpkin patch serves a higher calling


Challenging conversations:

Shame on you



Church 'airbrushed' women

'Imagine Eleven'

10 years for Bibles

Atheists smarter?

Bishop honorary Cardinal

CLU approves merger with PLTS

Depression besets clergy

Feeding hungry challenged

Growing in China

Hymnal stirs wrath

Lutherans on Egypt

Lutherans wait out wildfires

Old plow, new era in Michigan

Proactive clergy in Pa.

Reader call: Pastor Hope?

Size matters

Solar panel savings

Take me out to the ballpark ... to worship

Tornado doesn't destroy spirit

Best this month: Once Upon a Northern Night

Best this month: Planes

Best this month: The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age

Higher education: Higher education

Letters: Magazine informative, challenging
'My view' draws split views, theology articles hit and miss

E-newsletter: 'Making do' among the perfectionists

E-newsletter: Honk if you love Jesus

E-newsletter: Life is changed in Nairobi

E-newsletter: Top 10 list for first-year pastors

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