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Cover story

Favorite hymns Cover story

Favorite hymns

Readers say sacred songs made the difference

Meet a hymnwriter Cover story

Meet a hymnwriter

Susan Cherwien shares ‘old truths in new words’

Cover story

‘Mighty Fortress’ not a tavern song

Separating fact from fiction


'Love' letter Features

'Love' letter

Not a feeling, but a way of life learned from others

A civics lesson gone viral Features

A civics lesson gone viral

A tale  of two seminarians Features

A tale of two seminarians

The economy of theological education, then and now

Catacomb churches Features

Catacomb churches

In the Pacific Northwest, some faithful meet in homes

ELCA sabbaticals go global Features

ELCA sabbaticals go global

How theologians are serving, learning abroad

Just as I am Features

Just as I am

Memorials  & mountains Features

Memorials & mountains

A Colorado congregation takes Churchwide Assembly action seriously

Remembering Veterans Features

Remembering Veterans

Lutheran Services Carolinas helps former military with home, health

Turkey Features


A trip on the grounds of faith

Two months out

Calling all plungers Two months out

Calling all plungers

Montana congregations call middle-schoolers into summer service

Good one!

Good one!

T-shirt transformation

Deeper understandings

Trinity and gender Deeper understandings

Trinity and gender

God is present to and for us in a great variety of ways


Meet thy neighbor — and make new friends Faces

Meet thy neighbor — and make new friends


Challenging conversations:

Flashes of envy



AA wrestles with roots

An audience with the pope

Back to school

Bible quotes on a roll

Budget debate

Council recommends raising additional $69 million

Deportations deferred

ELCA and Malagasy Lutheran Church renew commitment

ELCA interreligious relations

Episcopal ‘conciliation’

Leaders protest drones

Mary Doe, 101, new citizen

Maryland: No death penalty

Monks win casket case

Mormons update teachings

New bells for Notre Dame

North Dakota & abortion

Resurrection in Haiti

Rubble creations

Synod bishop arrested

‘Jesus’ can be hacked

Best this month: 99 Blessings: An Invitation to Life

Best this month: A Place at the Table

Best this month: Hooray for Bread

Higher education: Concordia to use grant for research

Higher education: Luther Seminary reduces its faculty, staff
Seminary moves toward financial viability for the future

Letters: Evolution a work in progress by God
Readers react to kids in church, finding a pastor, state of ELCA

E-newsletter: 'But we're such a friendly church'

E-newsletter: God's economy

E-newsletter: Is there life after seminary?

E-newsletter: The cross that fire & death could not destroy

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