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Cover story

A new imagination Cover story

A new imagination

Church survival is about going into the world on Monday


Care without walls Features

Care without walls

Lutheran agency helps Ohio seniors recuperate


Creating a way station

Family Style Living Features

Family Style Living

In Nebraska, Tabitha is known for senior care


Healing through play

It's crowded, but children are learning Features

It's crowded, but children are learning

Lutheran-run schools offer hope in South Sudan

Keeping it legal Features

Keeping it legal

Copyright laws and the church

Lutherans  & Mennonites grow together Features

Lutherans & Mennonites grow together

Garden plants seeds of trust

Now & Forever Features

Now & Forever

Sabbath, stewardship and sustainable church

Unexpected gift of spirit Features

Unexpected gift of spirit

Chance pairing at Habitat blitz leads to lifesaving help

Welcoming winged guests Features

Welcoming winged guests

Monarchs discover 'Vacancy' sign in Duluth, Minn.

Two months out

Fifth Sunday options Two months out

Fifth Sunday options

Deeper understandings

Evolution Deeper understandings


Creation not closed system but open: Not yet all it could become


A flock of 15,000 Lutherans & beyond in California Faces

A flock of 15,000 Lutherans & beyond in California


Elements of the Lord's day:

The wind-down



A roof over their heads

Another embezzler charged

Ashes in the square

Betting on the new pope

Bible beats zombies

Call the exterminators

ELCA interreligious relations

Ireland apologizes

LCMS president apologizes

Letter on violence

Malaria Sunday, April 28

Megachurches doing well

NCC to move its base to D.C.

OK to limited contraception

Protestants raise volunteers

Quebec loses status

Synod embezzler confesses

Vote to extend service

Best this month: A Complaint Free World
How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted

Best this month: Bully

Best this month: Desmond and the Very Mean Word

Higher education: Higher education

Letters: Hats off to Wangerin for years of prose
Mixed responses on interfaith relations, science, gay marriage

E-newsletter: 'Downton Abbey' and prayer

E-newsletter: Easter, like life, is about remembering

E-newsletter: On the inside looking out

E-newsletter: Transitions

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