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Cover story

The power of Lutheran words Cover story

The power of Lutheran words

Theology is where theory and practice meet


Aging well Features

Aging well

Congregations help seniors connect & serve

Caring for former enemies Features

Caring for former enemies

Families make a 'Right Turn' Features

Families make a 'Right Turn'

Nebraska Lutherans offer 24/7 post-adoption care

Portico chief touts ministry transition Features

Portico chief touts ministry transition

Singing a new tune Features

Singing a new tune

From coast to coast, worship languages expand

Pass the faith

Hello baby! Pass the faith

Hello baby!

Parents can help older children welcome a new sibling to the family

Tried & true Pass the faith

Tried & true

Waiting for Baby

Good one!

Blessing over conflict Good one!

Blessing over conflict

Two months out

Two months out

Shining a light on Epiphany

Deeper understandings

End-times Deeper understandings


Scripture a witness to ways Christians can ignore fear-mongering


Organ lessons come full circle for teacher Faces

Organ lessons come full circle for teacher


Elements of the Lord's day:

The sermon



'Jesus' wife' fragment

Amish guilty of hate crimes

Biking bishop

Circle of learning

Crisis in Syria continues

Endangered future

Greater advocacy for poor

Having cancer, talking cancer

Isaac response continues

Justice for witches

Love, forgiveness in Assisi

Luther drama in Japan

More than an apology

New wine, new wineskins

Sikhs push for protections

Update: refugees in Dadaab

Best this month: Discerning God's Will Together: A Spiritual Practice for the Church

Best this month: Mouse and the Moon

Best this month: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Higher education: 'Best hope in not blowing up the world'
PLU prepares students to be competent world citizens

Higher education: A community calling
From Concordia College to medical school, thanks to her church and the ELCA

Higher education: ELCA seminaries prepare for demographic change
One answer continues to be TEEM

Higher education: Higher education

Higher education: International scholarships

Higher education: Setting the table for six
Ecumenical campus ministry in La Crosse does something new

Higher education: Shining a light on global education at home

Higher education: Two seminaries share field education

Letters: '2 kingdoms' responses fill mailbox
Others see problems with criminal justice, Vatican II, editor articles

E-newsletter: Ever walked forward, facing backward?

E-newsletter: Learning to take it slow

E-newsletter: Throw some glitter

E-newsletter: We've been Esthered!

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Embracing diversity