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'Spiritual but not religious' as a starting point Young adults

'Spiritual but not religious' as a starting point

Phrase is a gateway into deeper conversation

Leading through service Young adults

Leading through service

Young adults choose volunteer opportunities over worship

Spiritual but not religious? Young adults

Spiritual but not religious?

"Please stop boring me," begs the author

Spiritual nomads Young adults

Spiritual nomads

Exploring the landscape, points of interest of young adults in worship


Beyond technology Internet

Beyond technology

Mission-inspired strategies make social media manageable

Debunking disaster myths Theology

Debunking disaster myths

Theologian explores the nature of God's power in disasters

Life struggles in Vojvodina Europe

Life struggles in Vojvodina

City has become a magnet for migrants

LSTC welcomes Valparaiso campus Education

LSTC welcomes Valparaiso campus

Follows the trend of ELCA seminary and college partnerships

Pentecost in Vojvodina Europe

Pentecost in Vojvodina

Lutherans have 250-year history in Serbia

Real talk Health

Real talk

One pastor's perspective on the church and the fight against HIV

Surprise! Congregations


Michigan congregations love a good bus ride

Trail ministry Outdoors

Trail ministry

Tiny mountain congregation offers hikers food, showers & shelter

Pass the faith

Worship on the road Pass the faith

Worship on the road

Family vacations may expand children's sense of the church

Good one!

Little Free Library Good one!

Little Free Library

Congregation provides children's books in its garden

Tried & true

Luggage tags Tried & true

Luggage tags

Remind children of their baptismal identity

Two months out

Trunk or Treat Two months out

Trunk or Treat

Members open car trunks to trick or treaters

Deeper understandings

Mary Deeper understandings


A model, means and mirror for many throughout history


A passion for jazz and the word Faces

A passion for jazz and the word

Composer receives Seeds of Hope Award from Wheat Ridge Ministries


Engaging children in worship, service Youngchurch

Engaging children in worship, service

They bake communion bread and tend the congregation's garden

Web exclusives

Professor was at home in the air, classroom and community The way we were: 1948

Professor was at home in the air, classroom and community

Flight — and much more — was no fancy for V.R. Nelson


Elements of the Lord's day:

Getting situated



'Mourning 2.0'

Advocate wins Templeton grant

Bikes for Christmas

Cathedral shrinks and swaps

Change in Norway

Decline in religious donations

Fire evacuees head to church

First for Southern Baptists

For the record: 926 congregations take first votes to leave ELCA

Friars back nuns

Hiker's remains identified

Lutheran support for scholar

Lutherans celebrate Juneteenth

LWF condemns struggle

Muslims sue N.Y.C.

Norwegian denied Chinese visa

Philippines criticized

Quote: Mary Ann Walsh

Quote: Michelle Obama


Robe to be on display

Roll out the rain barrels

Same-sex marriage ritual OK'd

Southern Baptist Convention continues slide

Spare change

Support for prisoners' kids

Thrivent looks at expanding its services

U.N. presence sought

Wells challenge wins award

Who is welcome?

Best this month: Animals ... and Their Families

Best this month: Big Miracle
Critics say film shows how "good can rise to the surface"

Best this month: Marvelously Made: Gratefulness and the Body

Higher education: Developments in science and art at ELCA colleges

Letters: Church should shape culture, not reverse
Bible interpretation, U.S. status, worship attendance stir responses

Light Side: Joke month
Readers respond to The Lutheran's call for humor

Synod assemblies: Maas, Hazelwood elected bishops of Nebraska and New England synods

Synod assemblies: Topics range from malaria to refugees
Synods also discuss justice, peace in the Middle East and immigration reform

E-newsletter: Get rid of your rotten pastor

E-newsletter: Journey to a common destination

E-newsletter: Liberating churches from 'sacred spaces'

E-newsletter: The next big dust up

E-newsletter: When life is too much

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