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<I>Frankenpastor</I> The right call


Congregation stages search for pastor and spouse

Great expectations The right call

Great expectations

When congregations & pastors find each other: 'This is not speed dating, this is a serious courtship'

Help us see God The right call

Help us see God

Pastors and congregations work together in church, world


'Glocal' gatherings give new twist to mission Features

'Glocal' gatherings give new twist to mission

Accompaniment theme prevails

A cathedral in the night Features

A cathedral in the night

Outdoor worship calls young adults into ministry with the homeless

Called 'to do more' Features

Called 'to do more'

ELCA program offers global mission experience for young adults

Go ahead, go to some trouble Features

Go ahead, go to some trouble

Some moments call for blatant extravagance

Going green, even at the end Features

Going green, even at the end

In Washington, some question formaldehyde, metal caskets as way to go for funerals

R. Guy & Keith Fry ... Features

R. Guy & Keith Fry ...

Ordination stories move church forward

The choking game Features

The choking game

Signs of this adolescent activity are subtle, easily missed

The scientist and the theologian Features

The scientist and the theologian

Together, two ELCA teachers study God, evolution, faith and cancer

Voices heard ’round the world Features

Voices heard ’round the world

From radio to streaming video, Reading, Pa., church broadcasts good news

Pass the faith

Celebrating a baptismal birthday Now what?

Celebrating a baptismal birthday

Some ideas for making the day special

Creating spiritual identity Pass the faith

Creating spiritual identity

Parents help teach kids to see themselves as children of God

Good one!

Rescuing bread Good one!

Rescuing bread

Congregation stocks food pantry with franchise's leftovers

Two months out

September scavengers Two months out

September scavengers

Michigan church collects food each fall


Teenager builds on sister's experience Faces

Teenager builds on sister's experience

Kuhns starts foundation to help young cancer patients


Taking a bite out of malaria Youngchurch

Taking a bite out of malaria

California youth raise $2,200 for nets


A Lutheran Christian life for today:

Part mystery, part mess



'Atheist delusions'

A sign of peace

A tree called Jonathan Rapture

Ali pleads hikers' case

Americans judge bin Laden

Assistance for troops

Bell tolls for steeples

Cathedral attendance up

Condom use questioned

Congregations slowly recovering from the recession

Division over Christianity & capitalism

El Salvador: justice?

For the record: 466 congregations have withdrawn from roster

Gay clergy in Scotland

Government suing church?

Grace across time zones

Jesuit is House chaplain

Joplin church 'looking forward'

Juicy ministry

Land mine cleanup

Lutheran youth learn together

Money taboos

Papua New Guinea: Leadership & mission

Presbyterians lift ban on gay clergy

Quote: Linda J. Gustitus

Quote: Mark Ruffalo

Spiritual scientists

Times they are a-changin'

Worship canceled

Best this month: Creating Rituals: A New Way of Healing for Everyday Life

Best this month: Grandma's Wedding Album

Best this month: Wallenberg: A Hero's Story

Higher education: A new scholarship for Lutheran students at TLU, Newberry physical education students reach out to homeschooled pupils and more …

Letters: Embracing honesty can be transformative
God language, first calls, cover art, reporting prompt comments

Light Side: Church league softball

Synod assemblies: Assemblies discuss bullying and other issues

Synod assemblies: Elections

E-newsletter: Your will be done

E-newsletter: Altar Ego

E-newsletter: Songs keep me going

E-newsletter: The elder brother

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